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About ApartmentWIZ San Antonio Apartment Locators

About Apartment Locators in San Antonio

ApartmentWIZ employs a full staff of locators licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission to assist clients in finding their next apartment. Our service is 100% FREE and we provide up to a $100 rebate to clients for using our services.

Our San Antonio apartment locators are happy to accompany clients to the properties or just provide a list of apartments with pricing, floor plans, and photos. also provides an on-line, fully searchable database of properties.


How Apartment Locating Works

After visiting, clients submit their criteria for an an apartment (i.e. price, bedrooms, locations, deals found on ApartmentWIZ) or call our office at 877-859-0949. One of our experienced apartment locators then compiles a list of apartments based on the criteria and e-mails that list to the client.

Normally, the client then visits the properties on the list of apartments while letting the properties know that they were referred by ApartmentWIZ. Alternativley, some of our clients prefer to be escorted to the communities by one of our apartment locators. This option is better for our clients who are unfamiliar with the San Antonio area.

The Apartment Locating Process

Why is it FREE?

Apartment locating is free to our clients because the properties pay our company a small referral fee when our clients lease an apartment and reference ApartmentWIZ on the guest card and application. The properties budget these referral fees as part of their lease up costs and annual advertising expenditures.

Using a locator to lease your apartment in no way increases your monthly rent. Apartments are required to quote the same rent prices to prospective residents--with or without an apartment locator. By using ApartmentWIZ, it is actually likley that clients will get a better apartment at a better price because of our knowledge of the market. And at the very least, clients will receive between a $50 and $100 rebate for signing a lease with a term of 6 to 12 months.


How Does the Rebate Work?

As an added incentive for using ApartmentWIZ, we offer a $50-$100 rebate when clients use our services and comply with our rebate policy. Clients receive a rebate of $50 when signing leases between 6 and 11 months and $100 when signing leases greater than 12 months.
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