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Living Around Houston Traffic

There is no question that Houston traffic is among the worst in the country. Freeways actually begin to congest as early as 1 p.m., and the Katy Freeway is congested eight hours a day. How then does one live in a city with so much traffic?

Choosing an apartment that allows an easy commute to and from daily activities becomes all that more important in a city with mobility problems. For those working downtown or the Medical Center several apartments running along the Houston Light Rail provide a convenient means of transportation (Light Rail Map and Schedule). If traveling by train is not appealing then one might try apartment housing near one of Houston’s many park and ride stations. Apartments near these transit centers offer affordable apartment housing, a quick drive to the station, and an easy Metro ride along one of Houston’s High Occupancy Vehicle lanes.

For those Houstonians not ready to give up their car, apartment housing with easy access to non-freeway thoroughfares seems to be a smart move. Several affordable apartment homes exist along Memorial Drive and Allen Parkway. Both of these roadways allow traffic to flow well above the ten mph average on the Katy Freeway during rush hour

If all these options don’t satisfy you and you still want to battle traffic, use Houston’s real time traffic map to analyze traffic flow and select the apartment most conducive to your travel route. Remember that a qualified agent is ready to provide a list of traffic friendly properties free of charge.

By Phil Silberman

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