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Student Housing in Houston

Houston Student Housing

Summer is the busiest leasing season of the year in Houston largely because students begin signing leases for Fall housing as early as April.  Many of our relocation specialists attend local universities in the Greater Houston Area and are skilled at finding apartment housing conducive to student needs.  Please find below a list of frequently asked questions about student housing:


Where is the best place to live if I will be attending The University of Houston in the fall?

That is a matter of opinion but most University of Houston students live in Medical Center apartments because of its proximity to school, affordability, and its prevalence of apartments including washer and dryers inside the unit. Other good choices for University of Houston students include Bellaire apartments or West University apartments.  

When is the best time to lease an apartment for the fall semester?

As early as possible! As mentioned above, summer is the busiest leasing season of the year. As the demand for apartment housing increases through the summer so do prices. Earlier in the Summer and late Spring properties offer specials which can lower the actual rent price by as much as $200 off normal market rent.  Apartment units conducive to students such as one bedroom dens and two bedrooms are the most likely to see price reductions in late spring and early summer.

When can I sign a lease or put down a deposit to hold an apartment for the fall semester?

Many apartment communities that are popular among students will allow "pre leasing" three to four months in advance. The apartment property will require a holding deposit (often times fully refundable) and place you on a waiting list until the type of apartment you are interested in becomes available.

What is the likelihood of the apartment type I am on the waiting list for coming available?

Very likely if you are on the waiting list early! Most apartment properties require 30-60 days notice from current tenants so the day that the apartments receives notice they will call you and let you know that the unit you are waiting on has become available.

What if I still have questions that this FAQ list does not answer?

Call us at 713.688.5585 or visit University of Houston apartments.

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