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Historic Apartments in Houston

Houston Historic Buildings Now Being Used as Apartments

In the last decade, some of Houston’s most historic buildings have been converted for apartment use.  ApartmentWIZ supports Greater Houston Preservation Alliance in promoting the redevelopment of the city's historic buildings for multi-family use.
Historic Houston Apartments

The leader in redevelopment of commercial structures has been Randall Davis—responsible for the conversion and renovation of Dakota Lofts, Hogg Palace Lofts, Post Rice Lofts, and Kirby Lofts.

Other redevelopments of note in the downtown area include Alexan Lofts, Humble Tower, and White Oak Bayou Lofts.  While the core downtown area has seen the most redevelopment, Alexan and White Oak marked the beginning of Houston historic buildings in the warehouse district that are now being used as apartments.


The downtown area is always the first to see redevelopment and renovation of historic buildings, as evidenced by other cities around the country.  Houston is now on the verge of broader redevelopment in areas such as The Medical Center near Hermann Park. 

Alta Lofts recently chose to renovate a beautiful, all brick, 9-story tower into mid-rise apartments.  The tower offers views of downtown, The Medical Center, and The Galleria. Alta Lofts at Hermann Park chose to erect a new contruction phase done in the same style as the historic tower.    


Historic Apartments in Houston
Houston Historic Apartments For Rent


Many properties like Alta Lofts have elected to build a new construction phase to augment a redevelopment of an existing property.  Other properties have elected to build new construction in a historic style that conforms with a historic neighborhood.

The Yale Street Lofts, developed by Frank Garvey of The Garvey Companies, is a good example of a new construction property done in the architecture and style of the neighborhood.  Yale Street Lofts is located in the Historic Houston Heights, and was constructed in the early 20th century style for which the neighborhood is known.


ApartmentWIZ encourages not only the continued redevelopment of historic commercial property in Downtown Houston for apartments, but also the preservation of buildings in all of the city’s neighborhoods.  ApartmentWIZ supports The Greater Houston Preservation Alliance and its efforts to preserve the city’s historic structures.  If you are interested in joining GHPA please follow the instructions on these forms:

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