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Apartment Locating in Atlanta by ApartmentWIZ


Using ApartmentWIZ locators to find your next Atlanta area apartment is always a good idea. Here are the benefits to using one of our agents to help you find your next place:

  • Our service is completely free and in no way increases your rent
  • We offer a $100 rebate just for using our services
  • Odds are that our locators are going to get you a better deal
  • We offer accompanied showings to all apartments in the Atlanta area

ApartmentWIZ also offers a fully searchable on-line database of properties if you prefer to browse some listings before contacting us.


How Does Your Apartment Locating Service Work?

How Apartment Locating in Atlanta Works

Customers usually visit to browse photos and specials of apartments in Atlanta before submitting a request or calling us. Our apartment locators then e-mail a custom tailored list of properties that includes maps, photos, floor plans, and pricing.

Our clients then usually choose to visit the apartments on their own, and letting the properties know they were referred by ApartmentWIZ by writing the locator who is assisting them and ApartmentWIZ on the guest card and application. Some clients do choose to be accompanied by our locators to the properties. This service is especially helpful to our out of town clients.


How Can ApartmentWIZ Give Me a $100 Rebate and Offer a Free Service?


Apartments the Atlanta area pay us a small referral fee when our clients lease. Properties budget our fees in the lease up expense and advertising budgets, so our locator fee in no way increases your rent. Actually, our Atlanta locators can normally get you a better price because of our relationships with the properties.

ApartmentWIZ pays its clients a $100 rebate out of our referral fee as a thank you and an extra incentive to use our service. Clients receive 100 dollars when they sign a lease term for 12 months or more and 50 dollars when they sign a lease for between 6 and 11 months. This rebate is mailed to our clients after they comply with the ApartmentWIZ rebate policy.

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