Top Lofts in Houston Texas

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Here is a list of the top 3 lofts in Houston, Texas on my experiences while showing each of the properties:

1)  Hogg Palace Lofts

Hogg Palace makes the number one spot for my favorite loft in Houston because it has the best location in the theatre district and it has the very cool rooftop terrace.  It’s also located in a very attractive, all brick, historic building.  These are hard lofts, so be prepared for rough concrete pillars and exposed brick.

2)  Alta Lofts

The Alta Lofts at Hermann Park are the best lofts in Houston because they are the only property that offers residents both soft and hard lofts.  If you are looking for the tradtional rough concrete, exposed brick and ducts, then Alta Lofts can offer you a unit in their tower.  If you want the finished sheet rock, polished concrete, hardwood floors then the mid rise is for you.  One caution about the property though: it’s rumored that the tower was a former insane assylum before being renovated.

3)  Yale Street Lofts

The third best loft in Houston, TX is located in the Heights and offers residents small community living as there are only 20 lofts on the property.  This property is also one of the few lofts in Houston where you can still pay close to one dollar per square foot.  In fact, all units are around 1,000 square feet, so residents have plenty of living space.Š

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