Client Feedback For Jessica Laviage (ApartmentWIZ Houston Apartment Locators)

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Sounds great… Thanks again for taking the time to help me through this. I can’t wait to get settled in my new place. This is the best apartment locators I have ever worked with. Tell your manager I said you need a raiseJ
Good luck with your other customers.


Thanks for all of your help. I will be sure to give your name to other friends and clients when they’re looking…you’re the only realtor who has done what I thought apartment locators should do, which is know the properties, actually know the units you are recommending, and staying on top of my needs and current openings.
I wish I could have found an apartment for you to make your commission…if this goes through, perhaps I can give you a free healing session, yoga class, or life direction counseling session in exchange for your work? Let me know…
The two comments above are unedited feedback e-mails from two of Jessica Laviage’s clients.  One is particularly interesting in that the client ended up leasing a private property, yet still felt compelled to write a client testimony.  In an age where most companies write their own client testimonies, and most clients only take the time to reply when dissatisfied; these feedback e-mails represent a significant customer service accomplishment.  To request Jessica’s help specifically in searching for an apartment e-mail her at jlaviage [at no spam] apartmentwiz.com or visit ApartmentWIZ Houston apartment locators and submit a request mentioning her name.   

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