Houston Lofts

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Houston Lofts Why have lofts in Houston become so popular in recent years? Traditionally apartments in the city have been traditional garden style units with carpet, laminate, and low grade paint. Houston lofts have given residents a new look and feel and a level of authenticity in their living. Tenants now have the choice of real hard woods, brick accent walls, exposed duct work–if one likes that sort of thing. The city has embraced the lofting process and it looks like it’s here to stay. For rental specials go to Houston Lofts! The photos to the left are of Alexan Lofts (top) and Sabine Street Lofts (bottom). Alexan is a hard loft or a property that has been restored from its original condition while Sabine is soft or a property built to emulate a historic building.
Houston Lofts

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