Houston Lofts

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Lofts in Houston have gotten to be quite expensive over the last years as residents have embraced the style.  Traditional apartments have even tried to emulate the style in hopes to capitalize on this popular living choice. 

I always get asked how to recognize “true” Houston lofts and what properties are best values.  So here we go.  “True” units are buildings that have been converted from office and industrial use to modern day residences.  They are usually very rough and feature concrete floors, counters, and pillars.  The pluses of true lofts in Houston are that they usually boast high ceilings, open space, and an element of character so unusual in the city’s traditional apartment market.

As far as the best values for the units, Alexan, White Oak Bayou, and Hogg Palace almost always beat the competition when it comes for bang for buck.

For live pricing and photos visit Houston Lofts.

Houston Lofts

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