The Calais at Courtlandt Square

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The Calais at Courtlandt Square was a phenomenal property until it was recently taken over by Internacional Realty out of San Antonio.  The property was formally managed by Greystar who did a great job with the property.  Internacional Realty is notorious for poor response to maintenance requests at other Houston properties including Siena, Savoy, and others.  Aside from new management, the interiors at Calias at Courtlandt Square are finished with hardwoods, polished concrete, surround sound, so in short, they are very nice.  The only other negatives about the property are that the parking lot floods slightly because the new construction of Spur 5 caused drainage problems.  If you can put up with a couple inches of water in the parking lot and bad management this property might actually be a pretty good deal.

For more information click The Calais at Courtlandt Square Apartments.

The Calais at Courtlandt Square

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