Broadstone Uptown Lofts

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Broadstone Uptown Lofts are soft new construction units.  Some units have hardwoods or polished concrete which is a nice non carpet option.  Broadstone Uptown Lofts are basically a luxury apartment property dressed up as an urban residence.  The units almost always start around $900 per month and you can almost always get a better deal in the same area for around $750.  On a side note, I heard that the Houston Aeros all lived there one year–which may be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing depending upon who you ask.  There are not that many soft lofts in the Galleria to lease so if that’s what you are looking for than Broadstone Uptown Lofts may be a good choice for you.

For more details including photos click Broadstone Uptown Lofts.

Broadstone Uptown Lofts

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