Sabine Street Lofts

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Sabine Street Lofts is the sister property to the lesser expensive Lofts at the Ballpark.  Sabine Street Lofts is located on the more exclusive west side of downtown on the other side of Interstate 45.  The biggest problem with the property is its awkward location.  The building is only accessible by two surface streets and not easily accessible by Memorial or I-45.  The other common complaints is its proximity to an inner city recreation center which has resulted in several car thefts and break-ins at Sabine Street Lofts.  The property is “soft,” meaning that it is a new construction building built in loft decor.  One can expect to spend $1100 dollars for a 1-1 here and get real granite instead of the fake stuff at its sister property. 

 For photos and more information click on Sabine Street Lofts.�

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