Alexan Lofts

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Alexan lofts are the cheapest “true” lofts in the city.  There is a reason for this, however.  The property is located in a sketchy area in the east side of Downtown Houston.  Alexan lofts is actually located directly next to project housing and a park known for housing transients.  In fact, the first time I was showing the property a crack head jumped out of the bushes during the tour.  There is also a train the goes by the property consistently.  OK, so here are the good things about Alexan lofts.  The property has real hardwoods, granite, and legit loft finishes.  It is gated and has covered garage parking so the buildings are secure (There is actually a HPD substation on the property).  It is downtown and it is cheap–you are not going to find cheaper than $800 for this type of property.  The building is actually a Federally designated historic building and there was a music video there as well as several weddings.

 For photos of the property and more details go to Alexan Lofts.

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