Living in a Safe Apartment Important to Our Clients

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Hello, my name is [omitted] and I would like to tell you how amazing it has been working with Brandel Flores in finding an apartment here in Houston.

I moved here in May from Cleveland Ohio not knowing anyone. I used an apartment locator when I came, and possibly due to my challenges with no lease history here and a not so great one in Ohio, they put me in a place that turned out to be not only detrimental to my health, but the area was far from safe. With my being here and not knowing anyone, I assumed the entire area was nice and took the place, only later to find it was extremely stressful to come home every day with concerns for my health and property.

I was referred to Brandel by another woman who spoke with her, and Brandel was simply wonderful. I was not an easy sell; there were certain things that I wanted, and others I would not accept. She was very patient with me and assisted me by calling the complexes, serving as liaison between myself and the management, and extremely knowledgeable of the areas which helped because I had no idea where to look or what I would find once I looked there.

I had just about given up hope on finding anything and just trying to stay put. I was really depressed about it. it was about a week after our last conversation when Brandel emailed me about a place that she suggested, and took the time to find out if they had any vacancies [which the prior week they did not]. They had one and I applied based on her word of how great the place would be, because I had walked the property, but would have to take the apartment sight unseen [I moved in 7 days after the other renter moved out]. It did not matter, by then I totally trusted Brandel and knew she would not steer me wrong. She assisted me with contacting the complex, and once I was approved helped me with the location information and moving process such as washer/dryer rentals, moving companies, cable, and routes to work.

I totally LOVE my new home! It could not have been more perfect if I had chose it after viewing it. The complex is everything that it promised. Clean. Quiet. Well kept. For the first time almost since I arrived in this city I can say that I feel safe. And definitely since I’ve been here I can say that I love coming home.

Thank you so much for your time, and a special thank you to Brandel for going above and beyond the call of duty in all of her hard work in helping me.

Satisfied ApartmentWIZ Customer


Positive Agent Review

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So this is one of those reviews from a client where one of our Realtors does not actually find a home for the client.  However, the client was still very satisfied.  Like many of our clients, Carol was on the fence whether to lease or buy through the search process.


Dear Mr. Silberman,

I am writing in regard to one of your brokers, Bryan Richardson. I had been searching for a rental property in the Bellaire area and call on a listing of Bryan’s.

After showing me the property, Bryan and I talked about what my needs were, my budget, etc. and he really went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me. He showed me several properties and then in the midst of it all, I decided I might want to buy, but was unsure if I was ready to make that commitment.

I decided to look at a couple of foreclosures and Bryan helped me though it all.  Even after I opted to not move forward with purchasing, Bryan continued to help me look at rental properties. In the end, I found a house that was listed by the owner.

I want you to know how much Bryan helped me, especially since most brokers don’t really want to deal with rentals because they don’t offer much return on investment. I appreciate that he took the time to help me with all of my many questions, property viewing requests, and more.





Rebate and Locator Service Review

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Dear Mr. Silberman:

I wish to thank you for sending our rebate check. Your staff was very helpful in returning our phone calls and finding out what needed to be done for us to get the rebate.

The real estate agent was very helpful in finding our apartment. He knows the area very well and was able to give us a detailed list of places that would meet our needs and specifications.  On our way into Houston (about 12 noon) we contacted him. Within an hour he had a detailed list of places to look at with appointments to see them. By 6 pm that evening we were moving into our apt. Our place is just 4 miles from work and we are satisfied.

You have a great staff and we we hope you will pass the word onto tthem and commend them for a job well done.


[Name omitted for privacy protection.]