Helping the Homeless: Is it as simple as putting them in an apartment?

ApartmentWIZ received interesting information from a new governmental study published in March 2010.  According to numbers recently released by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, it is cheaper for communities to help the homeless by putting them in rental apartments instead of emergency shelters or transitional housing.

In the City of Houston, it costs a monthly average of only $743 to house a family in a two bedroom apartment, instead of $1400 to house the same family in an emergency shelter.  These figures, part of HUD’s first comprehensive study on costs to house newly homeless, reveal an opportunity for communities to save money and continue to provide housing solutions for homeless.

In most cases, the study shows the cost of providing housing through homeless programs is much greater than the actual cost of providing market rate rental assistance through support services.  Houston’s average monthly cost to house a homeless individual is $2,257, and is $11,627 for a homeless family.  Money saved by transitioning homeless into permanent housing could free up resources initially allocated other kinds of homeless assistance.

The study supports the housing first method used by many communities in the Northeast.   This method promotes getting individuals and families out of housing shelters and into permanent housing as soon as possible.

Perhaps this method needs to be further examined by the Houston community.  ApartmentWIZ awaits further studies as to the effectiveness of the housing first method, and will readily provide assistance to the community.


How to Enjoy Upscale Living Without Upscale Prices

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In today’s marketplace and with the uncertainty of the economy, several Houstonians are choosing to rent versus buy homes and apartments. Over half of Houston’s population are currently renting because the annual rent in a one bedroom apartment in an urban area such as River Oaks or the Museum District in many cases costs less than the property taxes on a home.

In light of the economic downturn, sales of Houston single-family homes dropped in April 2009 by almost 25 percent compared to 2008 numbers with demand for rental properties rising by approximately 12 percent. The switch to renting has become prevalent in today’s market as residents are beginning to see the economic benefit of renting versus buying. The National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) for example, estimated that 20 percent of home owners would have saved money by renting.

Renting to Save Money

Even Houstonians who can afford to buy are choosing to rent. If you decide to make that switch, how should you go about it? There are apartment locators all over the Houston area whose agents specialize in finding apartments for its customers.

ApartmentWIZ is one example of a FREE locator service that provides clients with their dream home for the best deals that fits within their expectations. Make the switch today and contact an ApartmentWIZ agent to help you find the luxurious living you desire without breaking the bank.


Houston Apartment Goes Au Natural with Sundeck

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The French Quarter-style apartments in River Oaks are showing off more than just their amenities. La Maison, an apartment community built in early May of this year, is offering a very unique feature: a clothing optional sun deck. While the sun deck is not yet open due to construction, the staff at La Maison believe this special amenity will be an appealing feature to grab Houstonians in the market for a luxurious apartment.
La Maison Sun Deck Chairs

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