Download Your TAA Application Prior to Visiting the Properties

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The Texas Association of Apartments is a non-profit trade organization made up of owners, builders, developers, and property management firms and companies that actively represent the entire rental housing industry at the state capitol and at least 25 state regulatory agencies.

Filling out the Texas Association of Apartments Application is often a crucial part of the the approval process for your next apartment home. The application, also known as a Texas Rental Application, provides the apartment community information about you such as your credit history and criminal history. Other relevant information required is who will live with you, and, if you have pets, what kind and how many.

Remember that TAA applications should only be used by Texas licensed real estate agents, so consult your apartment locator. Your locator is an excellent source for all of these questions and issues raised, so feel free to ask for help and clarification throughout the entire process of finding your next home.


ApartmentWIZ Supports Houston Police Patrolmen to Help Fight Crime at Area Apartments

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Crime at Houston area apartments is a problem for tenants, apartment locators, and management companies alike.  There is really no apartment complex in The Greater Houston area that is completely crime free.  In an effort to promote safety at apartment complexes, ApartmentWIZ is sponsoring the Houston Police Patrolmen’s Union to help fight crime at area complexes and naming the month of November apartment crime awareness month. To kick off crime awareness month, ApartmentWIZ and the Houston Patrolmen’s Union is offering these top ten tips for choosing a safe apartment: and staying safe at your current apartment:

1) Check out the local crime statisitcs in your apartment’s area.  If you live in Houston, you can get crime stats at Houston Police Department Crime Stats.

2) Use a good apartment locator. Apartment locators are free and can offer wonderful insights on apartments that have low crime rates and good tenant feedback.

3) Choose a gated community with a fate that actually works. Gates at big apartment compexes are notorious for breaking. Ask your prospective apartment complex who maintains there gate. Then call the gate company and ask for an outage or service report.

4) Choose an apartment that is wired for alarm monitoring, and pay to have your apartment monitored by a security company.This is especially important if you live on the first floor.

5) Don’t live on the first floor. 90% of all apartment break ins occur on first floor units.

6) Visit a prospective apartment complex at night to ensure the property is lighted and secure.  Visiting an apartment property at night can show the complexes true colors.

7) Don’t leave any valuables in your car. This one may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forget to take their valabules with them.

8) Look for an apartment with a 24 hour security gaurd.  Many apartments will advertise that they provide security when actually all they provide is a courteous officer.  Be sure your complex has a bonded, full time, security gaurd.

9) Talk to current tenants and ask them about their experiences at the property.  You would be surprised what you can learn from people by asking.

10) Stay away from apartment ratings sites! These sites are often full of bogus complaints by people who are just upset. Competing management companies have also been know to post false ratings.