Texas Rental Application Available for Download

Renters should be familiar with the Texas Association of Apartments, which is a non-profit trade organization that has a full time lobbying presence at the Texas State Capitol.  The organization consists of property owners, builders, property management companies, and developers who promote the interests of the entire rental housing industry.  The organization promulgated an application, call the Texas Association of Apartments Application, that has become a standard part of the approval process.

The application is also sometimes known as the Texas Rental Application.  It provides the prospective landlord or apartment management office essential information about the applicant, such as criminal and credit history.  Additional information about who will reside with you and your pets will be required. 

Consult your apartment locator before you visit a property with this application.  He or she is a Texas licensed real estate professional, and is authorized to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this application or any step of the leasing process.